Building a Sustainable Cybersecurity Clinic in Higher Education


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For decades, schools of law and medicine have operated “clinics,” where students work with real-world clients with limited resources and gain valuable hands-on experience.

The concept of clinics is now rapidly expanding within the cybersecurity domain. Cybersecurity clinics in higher education equip students from diverse backgrounds and academic expertise to strengthen the digital security of non-profits, hospitals, municipalities, small businesses, and other under-resourced organizations in our communities, while also developing a talent pipeline for cyber civil defense.

This session is a hands-on workshop designed to help participants get a university, college, or community-college based cybersecurity clinic off the ground. Experienced practitioners will lead discussions on key topics such as curriculum development for students new to cybersecurity, building trust with client organizations, and collaborating with local government authorities to support the clinic. By the end of the workshop, participants will grasp the process of transitioning a clinic from concept to reality and sustaining its growth in the long run.