Pre-Conference Workshops

This year’s pre-conference workshops will be Monday,  June 5 from 1 – 5 PM. An integral part of the NICE Conference, the workshops will be intimate, focused meetings intended to provoke conversations on specific topics and issues. An additional fee and registration is required to enroll in pre-conference workshops. 

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Using NICE Framework Competencies to Build a Better Cybersecurity Workforce

Led by Susana Barraza

An effective cybersecurity workforce of the future is one that is agile, responsive to changing technologies and threats, anticipates and moves to mitigate risks, and contributes to organizational goals. However, today we are faced with a shortage of cybersecurity practitioners and have expectations for credentials that aren’t always or cannot be met through traditional degree-based programs. Keeping up with and adapting to the ever-changing cybersecurity environment is a further complication. This seminar will share how the NICE Framework Competencies can help address these challenges by offering a more flexible way of demonstrating and assessing capabilities for in-demand areas of work, from emerging technologies to multidisciplinary approaches to cybersecurity across an organization and more.


The Impact of Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Other Emerging Technologies on the Cybersecurity Workforce

Led by Austin Cusak and Jason Hite

Advancements in technology will both improve cybersecurity and potentially introduce new cybersecurity risks. Additionally, emerging technologies such as automation and machine learning are likely to alter or augment some of the cybersecurity competencies and work roles that exist today. Seminar facilitators from academia, industry, and government will provide an interactive format for exploring organizations’ future skill and technology needs, including what specific competencies or skills will be needed most, which technologies will be in highest demand, and what major challenges and opportunities are anticipated.




Best Practices for Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion in Cybersecurity

Led by Eman El-Sheikh, Tobi West, Raquel Hill, and Randy Pestana

This workshop will highlight best practices and strategies for educators and employers to improve diversity and inclusion across cybersecurity work roles. This will be an active working session in which participants will leave with a draft plan for improving diversity and inclusion in their organization. The first segment will provide an overview of various education, training, and workforce development programs that aim to broaden participation in cybersecurity, including women, under-represented minorities, and veterans. The panelists will share strategies for career discovery, recruitment, retention, pathway and curricular development, reskilling and upskilling to broaden participation and attract, prepare, and retain underrepresented populations. In the second segment, participants will work in small groups to develop draft actionable strategies and plans to enhance diversity and inclusion for their organizations.


How to Build an A-Team in Cybersecurity

Led by Kevin Garvey and Brian Correia

This workshop will provide real-world scenarios and solutions in using the NICE Framework to make sure your team has the right knowledge and skills to build defenses against cybersecurity risks. What strategies are there to build your cybersecurity A-Team, ensuring you have the right team members to defend against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and meet the overall mission