This year’s pre-conference workshops will be held on Monday, June 5th from 1 – 5 p.m.

An integral part of the NICE Conference, the workshops will be intimate, focused meetings intended to provoke conversations on specific topics and issues.

There is an additional fee for the workshops and registration for the main conference is required in order to enroll for a workshop. Additionally, you’ll only be able to register for one four-hour workshop as each workshop is divided into two sessions with a networking break in between.   


NICE Framework 101: Getting to know the NICE Framework

NIST’s National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity (NICE Framework) is the go-to tool in support of furthering the cybersecurity workforce community. It supports a broad stakeholder base across the workforce lifecycle, from career awareness to education and training, and in hiring, development, and workforce planning efforts for small, medium, and large businesses, in public and private industry, across sectors, and both nationally and internationally. In today’s digital world a prepared, effective, and robust cybersecurity workforce is more important than ever. 

In this workshop attendees will be introduced to the NICE Framework, its components, and common use cases. Discussions around NICE Framework guides, tools, and other resources will both share what currently exists as well as will engage attendees in a conversation about what might be missing. Finally, attendees will learn about new and forthcoming updates and how they can participate in the continued development of the NICE Framework.

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Transforming Your Cybersecurity Workforce through Work-Based Learning

Are you looking for a way to expand and diversify your cybersecurity talent pool and plan for succession? Are you a training provider looking for ways to better engage with business to equip learners with the valuable cybersecurity-related skills? During this interactive workshop, we’ll dig into the importance of work-based learning as a tool to train, and retain cybersecurity talent; learn how businesses can assess what training options might best fit their needs; and how you can enhance programs to ensure that it effectively draws in and supports underserved populations. With the trend towards skills-based hiring, it is now more essential than ever to equip career seekers with this hands-on experience.   

In addition to learning more about the continuum of work-based learning opportunities, participants will do a deep dive into Registered Apprenticeship, the “gold standard” of work-based learning. After filling out a general readiness assessment form for getting plugged into the world of work-based learning, the session will include practical next steps on getting started on the journey of being a Registered Apprenticeship sponsor, training provider, or equity partner. They will then learn about the many flexibilities of setting up a program and the resources available to get started. 

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Expanding the Next Generation’s Skills Development: Using Gamification for Cyber Learning

Many current and aspiring professionals grow their cyber security skills through a “learning by doing” approach and feel comfortable in this methodology. Join the SANS Institute, Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS), CISA, and Illinois Tech as we explore how the decision-making capabilities between an individual contributor and a senior leader can be expanded by using gamification learning on talent development, inclusivity, and building effective security teams.

During this workshop, we will explore an interactive simulation using “real world” scenarios that can be replicated both for industry and academia in the classroom. Each scenario will then be discussed by SANS Institute, WiCyS, CISA, and Illinois Tech to spur dialogue, critical thinking of situations, and melding of different points of view and personalities that a technical professional and learner will likely encounter.

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How Educators, Hiring Managers, and Others Work with HR Professions in strengthening the Cybersecurity Workforce

Much has been written regarding the cybersecurity workforce pipeline and its inadequacy to respond to marketplace demands. NCyTE—The National Cybersecurity Training & Education Center funded through the National Science Foundation–will guide a discussion around the role that outdated, invalid or inaccurate hiring requirements may play in bypassing candidates for cybersecurity jobs who would be otherwise qualified.

A focus group panel will address how educators, hiring managers, and others work with HR professionals on hiring procedures related to entry level and mid-level cybersecurity/IT jobs. Part of the workshop will be a demonstration of a virtual reality (VR) Cyber Facility where participants interact with cybersecurity professionals to discuss their work roles

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