NICE 2020 Conference and Expo

October 27 – November 16

Virtual Conference Series

This year’s conference workshops will take place throughout the NICE Conference Series, beginning at 1 PM EST and ending approximately at 4:30 PM EST. They will not be on the same days as the conference days (please see Agenda). The workshops will provide attendees a closer, in-depth look on the specific workshop topics. Each workshop will include a lecture, a thirty minute break and an active learning session. They are available at an additional cost of $50 each workshop.

Conference Workshops

(Additional Cost)
The NICE Framework: Adoption Strategies1:00 pm
Marian MerrittNational Initiative for Cybersecurity Education
Danielle SantosNational Initiative for Cybersecurity Education
Gleb ReznikSynchrony

Attendees will learn the purpose and benefits for the private sector’s use of the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, as well as the latest revisions introduced in 2020. They will understand the range of practical ways industry organizations are adopting the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

Curriculum Development in an Online Platform1:00 pm
Stefany SandersGeorgia Tech Professional Education
Jennifer WooleyGeorgia Tech Professional Education
Troy CourvilleGeorgia Tech Professional Education
Mont RogersGeorgia Tech Professional Education

In March, the COVID-19 pandemic forced colleges and universities to move to remote course delivery overnight. However, creating a robust online education isn’t as simple as connecting Zoom. There is a lot goes behind the scenes – from instructional design for online to student services support geared for remote learners. Instruction and production collaboration is at the heart of creating compelling educational content that will keep students engaged and learning. This session will cover trialed and tested tactics for creating successful online degree programs where attendees will create a blueprint for taking a degree online.

Building Apprenticeships for the 21st Century1:00 pm
David ForsceyThe Aspen Institute
Diane MillerNorthrop Grumman
Bill KrausU.S. Department of Labor
Carolyn RenickU.S. Department of Labor
Michael PrebilNew America
Bonnie ZuckermanNorthrop Grumman
Dan MaslowskiCitibank
Girish SeshagiIshpi Information Technologies
Tony MarshallInnovation Systems Group
Rebecca LakeHarper College
Doreen Gonzalez-GaboyanPurdue University
Brandon BrownCoastline College
Kimberly HaugeU.S. Department of Labor
Bill KrausU.S. Department of Labor

Attendees will understand the basic definition of Registered Apprenticeships (DOL); the Industry-recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP); and the Standards Recognition Entity (SRE). Attendees will identify the two or three most important obstacles to establishing their own apprenticeship and will understand the key points of a persuasive case for outside stakeholders and partners.

Diversify: The Cybersecurity Survival Guide1:00 pm
Joshua SnavelyLangston University
Talya ParkerGeorgia Tech Research Institute & Georgia Institute of Technology
Saniye Petek UnsalAlphabet/Google

While the value of workforce diversity in many industries seems clear and demonstrable, the consequences from a lack of diversity in cybersecurity is less apparent, but arguably more central to survival.  This Conference Workshop facilitates tactical solutions by introducing our framework -- the Diversity Assessment Matrix -- a specialized guide created and focused on diversity assessment, analysis, and action. The Conference Workshop will develop this toolkit through two core exercises: (1) interactive panel discussion about adversarial diversity and diversity of thought; and (2) a guided assessment of individual and organizational diversity indicators, strengths and opportunities.